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So Eco is a range of "Eco-friendly" make up brushes, with the unique emphasis on components being 100% responsibly & ethically sourced.

The problems of excessive packaging has been heavily featured in the media, waste reduction targets and the environmental legacy that products create are factors we must all address.

Our approach incorporates eco-focussed principles that ensure a lower impact on the environment through responsibly sourced packaging solutions.

the packaging
so eco packaging

Product and transit packaging is eco friendly, using sustainable / bio-degradable materials from PEFC sources.

Printed using planet friendly vegetable inks. Using biodegradable & compostable windows made from corn starch. Stuck using solvent free water based adhesives.

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the brushes
so eco brushes

All brushes & kits are from eco friendly sources. Using bamboo brush handles from sustainable sources & re-cycled aluminium ferrules. Taklon, cruelty free sourced bristles suitable for liquid & powder based cosmetics.

Eye & Face kits use unbleached natural cotton bags to store brushes.

We have tested and developed the hand cut heads for size, powder application and finish.

The bristle colours have been chosen so you can see the amount of product on the brush head.

The weight and handle is custom made for weight and a comfortable grip.

All sets are housed in 100% recyclable, sustainable and responsibly sourced cotton.

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